AuditBlaze - Proprietary Patent Analyzer

The AuditBlaze SEO website optimization tool will scan your website to locate potential problems and conditions that can impair your site's searchability. It collects and identifies a range of SEO factors (signals) and provides a simple, readable one-page report to help you analyze all potential SEO website issues. The reports highlight specific issues which are grouped under four major categories:

  1. Site Status
  2. Searchability
  3. Accessibility, and
  4. "What to do" reports.

It is the only SEO tool in the world (at time or writing) that can actually fix your SEO issues and place your keywords at top Google positions. When each issue is detected, it's assigned a "fix it" button and the cost to fix it. In addition, AuditBlaze will tell you how much time it will take to acquire the top position for the requested keyword!